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    Instantly reach the people in your Travel Community — for free.  Live Chat  is just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message.

  • Discover amazing new destinations

    Be inspired with amazing reviews and destinations world wide.  Share your travels with our community and inspire others.

  • Plan your adventure

    Our community knows!  Need help planning your next adventure?  We are all here to help.  Share advice, tips, hacks and more we are a community.

  • Discover amazing people

    Discover amazing like minded people around you. Camp Spots lets you make friends and connect with interesting people all around the world.

  • We are really everywhere

    Our community is really world wide.   We have reviews covering destinations all over the planet.

  • You will just love us!

    You will just love us!  Join our friendly community and find out why we are the number one camp spot.

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