Wilsons Promontory National Park Victoria

Wilsons Promontory National Park Review

Wilsons Promontory National Park, or the ‘Prom’ as it’s known locally is a favorite destination of Melburnians. It is a fantastic place to visit  if there is a full day spare. Even if you visit it frequently I doubt you will ever get to explore it fully.

A National park within striking distance of Melbourne, it has everything that attracts. White-sand beaches, where the sand goes squeak underfoot. Secluded beaches, reached via hiking trails long and short. Log cabins for the benefit of overnight hikers. A campsite that books out months ahead during the holidays and the southernmost point of mainland Australia.

There is a steep climb up to the summit of Mt.Oberon that is a must do, it does demand a reasonable amount of fitness, and a large bottle of water on a hot day however the view from the summit is the reward. Having taken it in on sunny days through to misty days, and memorably once during a whiteout, it is for my money, the most stunning vista I’ve seen in Australia.

The drive into the prom itself passes through parkland, where I first saw a pair of large male kangaroos slugging it out amidst a large mob. And on a subsequent drive back, topping a rise in the dark, I jammed on the brakes to avoid another large kangaroo standing in the middle of the road. Unperturbed by the near miss, it regarded me for a while and lazily hopped away.

But that could happen anywhere in this wide brown land of Australia, of which Wilson’s Prom is a beautiful green corner. Happy visiting. You will not be disappointed.

Visit The Prom, if you love Nature, Walking, Relaxing, Swimming, Surfing or Hiking.

Great for families, romantic couples, young & old alike, there is something for everyone here. Views are amazing.
2 1/2 hrs drive from Melbourne, all types of accommodation, caravanning, camping, chalets & cabins.

Easy walks & long hikes, even to the southern most tip of Oz. Lots of wonderful wildlife on your doorstep
Only downside, it is expensive, $59 a site camping, but there are several sites that will fit many tents on to share the costs.

You will need a couple of days at least to enjoy all there is to offer

Wilsons Promontory VIC 3960

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