What is Hammock Camping

What is Hammock Camping?

What is Hammock Camping and why should I being do it? Like most of us camping in a tent is all we know but have you ever wondered if there was a better way to do it? If you were to go camping today and weren’t in an camper you’d simply opt in for a tent. Let’s explore what hammock camping is and why it’s plain right better than camping in a tent.

The thing about hammock camping is that you aren’t swapping comfort to be minimalist but instead you are simply upgrading your comfort to a more pleasurable experience.

Setting up a hammock to camp in is quite simple and same is the take down process. Hammock Camping is a great option for any hikers/trekkers as hammocks are very light and minimal gear.

However if you’ve only ever grown up camping in tents it’s might be tricky to simply switch over to hammock camping. This is the exact reason why we’ve created this guide to help you figure out what exactly it is you need to get yourself ready for the best night out you can possibly have while outdoors.

What is Hammock Camping

Better Night Sleep

If you’ve every laid in a hammock you’ll know how damn comfortable they are, This to is the reason as to why you’ll have the best night sleep, Same say it’s even more comfy then their bed at home.

While most people thing camping is ‘roughing’ it out but this doesn’t have to be the case, Most people who camp in tent’s always say they can’t wait to sleep in their own bed but after sleeping in a hammock you’ll be itching to sleep in it again.

After spending your first night in a hammock camping you’ll return to your everyday world feeling refreshed and energized, which simply doesn’t happen while camping in tents.

What’s that on the ground?

If you’ve ever slept in a tent you’ll know the ground can be unforgiving. You’ll feel every twig, rock or tree root even though you thought you had scoured the best plot.

Perhaps you didn’t realize after you had set up your tent that you’ve actually anchored onto a slight decline making it a rather uncomfortable sleep while you’re on a hill.

Not only does none of that happen while in a hammock you wont care about anything while your swaying from side to side in the trees.

Same say looking for a place to hang a hammock can be tricky, That is certainly not the case. You’ll have your hammock set up before your tent counterparts.

Enjoy the beauty

This is the best reason to camp in a hammock, You’re outside.. so enjoy it. Take in the fresh air while enjoying the landscape whether you’re in the desert or the rainforest. This is the reason your camping.

After spending your first night between tree’s you’ll wonder why you every cramped yourself in a tent before this.

Tent’s can be stuffy with no view of the night sky, While somehow you end up waking up hot and sticky.

But my tent does more

This is not the case now days, Hammocks come with all the features tents do. Such as privacy and a rain fly. You can keep all the elements of you while hammock camping, With a ton of accessories that you can add to your hammock, It’s crazy that tent’s are still a ‘thing’

Still not sure?

Still not sure what is hammock camping? It’s basically the future of camping. With hammocks being able to fold down to a pouch smaller than a water bottle and Benefits of tents come across to hammocks.

There’s nothing more special then spending a day exploring, hiking or having fun to just come back and lay on your hammock. Read a book and watch the sun go down in front of you.

Spend a night in a hammock and tell us your thoughts, You’ll thank us.

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