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Silo Art Trail

Check out our Silo Art Trail guide for everything you need to see the rich heritage of Victoria’s Wimmera/Mallee region with a journey along the 200 km Silo Art Trail, which is soon to become the country’s biggest outdoor gallery. Explore from town to town and witness this innovative art project that sees renowned street artists from Australia and across the globe transform wheat silos into giant works of art.

For more than 100 years Victoria’s towering wheat silos have defined the state’s rural landscape. And when Brisbane street artist Guido Van Helten created his famous ‘Farmer Quartet’ on the Brim silos in 2015, it captured the imagination of the town and inspired The Silo Art Trail project.

The Silo Art Trail brings together internationally recognised street artists – Julia Volchkova, Guido van Helten, Fintan Magee, Matt Adnate, Kaff-eine and Rone – and takes in six of Victoria’s smallest towns. Murals in Sheep Hills, Brim, Patchewollock, Lascelles and Rupanyup are already complete, while new work by Kaff-eine are planned for Rosebery. A unique art project that is still evolving, the Silo Art Trail has already revitalised the towns and brought thousands of new visitors to the region.

Sheep Hills silo

445 Sheep Hills-Minyip Road, Sheep Hills, Victoria, 3392

Stop off on your trip along at Sheep Hills and see the huge mural by Adnate – an internationally renowned artist, famous for his work with Aboriginal communities across Australia. Completed in December 2016 and spread across all six silos, the work consists of four indigenous faces watching over the tiny community of Sheep Hills; with a starry background that has a symbolic significance to the local people.

Brim silo

1986 Henty Highway, Brim, Victoria, 3391

Travel on to the small rural town of Brim and see Guido van Helten’s famous ‘Farmer Quartet’ for yourself. Located on the Henty Highway and stretching out across all four of the Brim silos, this massive mural was painted in 2015 as a tribute to the drought-stricken farming community. Created in van Helten’s famous monochromatic photo-realistic style, the mural instantly became a regional landmark and provided the inspiration for The Silo Art Trail project.

Lascelles silo

Lascelles Silo Road, Lascelles, Victoria, 3487

See the tiny town of Lascelles in the Silo Art Trail spotlight with artwork by celebrated Melbourne artist Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright. Rone turns his intimate portraiture to giant grain silos, depicting local wheat farmers Geoff and Merrilyn Horman looking out over the rural landscape. An influential figure in the Melbourne street art scene, Rone has works in major Australian galleries and murals in cities all over the world.

Patchewollock silo

88 Cummings Road, Patchewollock, Victoria, 3491

Finish your journey along Victoria’s Silo Art Trail at Patchewollock – population 250 – and marvel at the work of Brisbane-based street artist Fintan Magee, sometimes referred to as ‘Australia’s Banksy’. Painted over a couple of weeks in October 2016, the giant mural depicts local sheep and grain farmer, Nick ‘Noodle’ Hulland, chosen for his ‘classic farmer looks’ and his strong connection to the farming community.

Rupanyup silo

1 Gibson Street, , Rupanyup, Victoria, 3388

Begin your journey along The Silo Art Trail at Rupanyup. Look up at the monochrome mural created by Russian artist Julia Volchkova on the huge metal grain storage bins – a work that was inspired by the local Rupanyup Panthers Football & Netball Club. Known the world over for her moving portraits, Volchkova is actively involved in the global street art movement, and her work can be found in Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and now Australia.

Solo Art Tours

Promhelis Flight – Silo Art Trail

3510 Meeniyan-Promontory Road, Yanakie Airport, Yanakie, Victoria, 3960

Tour operated by: Promhelis

The Silo Art trail stretches 200 kilometres through the Victorian Wimmera and Mallee regions. Promhelis offer a heli-trail experience showcasing these massive art works from the air. Not only does the helicopter offer a unique perspective of this amazing art, it also reduces the time taken to do so.

The trail brings together internationally recognised street artists – Julia Volchkova, Guido van Helten, Fintan Magee, Matt Adnate, Kaff-eine and Rone – and takes in six of Victoria’s smallest towns.

Promhelis offer a variety of Silo Art aerial options, also incorporating picturesque views of Lake Tyrrell, the pink lake.

Visit the website for further information.


Silo Art Flights

Aerodrome Road, Stawell West, Victoria, 3380

Tour operated by:  Grampians Helicopters

This is a unique opportunity to see the the very popular silo art trail from above. Two flights to choose from, either to orbit two or three of the Wimmera silo art trail and cover the country side of this wheat belt farming land.

While flying over the country side from you pilot who was born and raised in this very area you will learn about the history of the area, the small towns and of course the artist who have been commissioned to create these attractive artworks.

This flight is perfect for people to cover a great distance in a short time and snap shots from an angle that very few experience.



Lake Side Park

$10 pn

Brim not only has its own spectacular silo, it is also only about 35 min north of the Sheep Hills silo and about 1 hour away from the silo at Patchewollock.

After failing to see the start of the Rupanyup Silo being painted we headed north to Sheep Hills to see our first Painted Silo. Its only about 27 min north of Rupanyup

After taking in the magnitude of the Sheep Hills Silo and of course taking a few happy snaps we headed to Brim to see its silo and to camp for the night.

Brims silo is just as magnificent and so a few more photos were taken. The camp spot is a handy 2 min drive away from the silo, down Swann Street, this is the main street.



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