The Race That Stops A…………Camping Trip

The Race That Stops A………Camping Trip


The Race That Stops A…………Camping Trip is all the frustrating and repetitive Easter holiday phrases you can pack into a four-wheel drive have been crammed into a hilarious race call .

The horses are named after some of the most predictable questions and expressions you will hear this weekend, like “Are We There Yet?”, “Please Zip Up The Tent” and “I’m Not A Happy Camper”.

Radio identity and father of two Jon Vertigan used his own and borrowed experiences to record A Race That Stops A Station.

“It’s the third in a trilogy but the first I’ve filmed,” said Vertigan, who hosts a breakfast show with Kate Meade on the ACE Radio network in regional Victoria.

Vertigan’s first call was The Marriage Is Up Cup followed by The Raising The Rugrats Cup and they both earned him Australian Commercial Radio Awards for Best Station Produced Comedy.

The 43-year-old used the race callers box at Warrnambool racecourse in western Victoria to film the call.

“My two children think it sounds exactly like we go on holidays and they gave me the inspiration to write it in the first place, particularly the horse, There Is No Wi-fi Here.”