The Only Flashlight You Need While Camping

The Only Flashlight You Need While Camping

About to head off on a camping trip of a lifetime and wanting to bring all the essentials? Today we’ll go over some of the required gadgets and essentials including a flashlight and or torch that some quite possibly overlook.

You live in the city with all the hustle and bustle of the city lights and electricity so perhaps your last thought when you’re about to head off on a camping trip is a flash light. This is a great reminder at why doing a quick google will indeed set you off on your fun family camping trip with the right tools. If you’re planning on camping but backpacker style, Check out our essential guide here for Budget Backpacking Gear for Beginners.

Back to the flashlight, What would be the best flashlight to bring on your outdoor adventure? Perhaps it would be a lantern? Torch Style? or a headlamp? We’ll cover what you should really bring to keep yourself most prepared.

Couple of factors to consider when picking out a flashlight on your next camping trip is that they’re an array of flashlights to choose from and this can become over whelming. Here at Camp-Spots we’ll only share the best and products that we’ve actually used, Rest assured when or if you decide to pick up one of the ones we recommend.

What to look for in a flashlight?

Quality, You’ll want a quality torch/flashlight that will survive the elements, Take a beating and withstand your children (If you have any). However quality normally comes with weight, You don’t want to be carrying a ton of weight around camping, Especially if you’re backpacking.

Size, Size counts, Flashlight that’s not overly big however not too small that it won’t be bright enough.

Features, Things like rechargeable battery, being water resistant and LEDs are great benefits to have. LEDs are more efficient and ton more brighter than standard flashlights.

So what’s the best Flashlight?

Our top pick at Camp-Spots is: TC1200 Tactical Flashlight.

tc1200 tactical flashlight
TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

Why did we pick the TC1200 Tactical?

We chose this flashlight for price, features and look. All three of these checked our list and was the reason we picked one up ourselves. What caught us was the claim of 25X Brighter compared to a normal flashlight. This is impressive for such a little compact unit.

This flashlight also features 3 AAA Battery option or a Li-ion rechargeable battery. This was a must in our list and this ticks it off.

If you want to learn more, Check out the flashlight here. (They even have free shipping now, We didn’t get that)

Runner Up Flashlight Goes To

HyBeam, The HyBeam Flashlight cannot be beaten because… It’s free. The HyBeam Flashlight features a Authentic YAG Bulb that is described as ‘Blindingly Bright’. Aircraft Aluminum, Tough but light sturdy construction and a free Survival book.

hybeam flashlight
hybeam flashlight

The TC1200 above is certainly a cut above the average but the HyBeam Flashlight is one that can’t be beaten. Did I mention that it was free? If you’re wanting to check out the flashlight, Click here.

Did you find your camping flashlight?

Now that you know our top picks, Why not tell us your thoughts on these flashlights? We can truly share our experience as we own both of these flashlights and we can’t recommend them enough.

Perhaps you have another flashlight that you think we should’ve included in our list? Share it below.

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