RV Storage Hacks That Just May Save You…….Space

RV Storage Hacks That Just May Save You…….Space

One of my, actually one of my whole family’s favorite things is camping.

I find camping so relaxing and peaceful. Part of the peacefulness of camping is the fresh air and being surrounded by nature, but I think also when you aren’t at home you aren’t thinking about all the things you should be doing at home (mowing the lawn, washing the floors, cleaning out the closet, weeding, this list could go on and on) and you can truly relax.

Camping provides us with quality fun family time.

Everything needs a place and it helps to spend a little time looking for ways to maximize space.

Below are some awesome RV and travel trailer organization and storage tips and tricks.

  1. Magnetic Spice Rack


Putting it up on the wall saves precious counter and cupboard space. Plus it is a cute display.

MrsM at posted this picture of her magnetic spice rack. You can see her post here.

I love this idea.

2.  Magazine Rack to Store Toilet Paper

Cooldiyideas.com showed using an inexpensive magazine holder to store extra toilet paper. I think this is a great idea and one that I am going to try.

I will cover with pretty scrapbook paper though. That will make it a little more decorative and personalized.

Just be sure to buy one that is wide enough.

3.  Magazine Rack to Store Plastic Wrap and Tin Foil

The next RV storage and organization idea also uses a magazine holder.  Generalrv.com shows how to use Velcro to attach to the inside of a cupboard or pantry. I have also seen it used just on a cupboard shelf.

I am going to switch to this.  Right now I use a dollar store rectangular basket, but the tinfoil and plastic wrap containers are so tall they keep tipping over. This will keep them in their place better.

4.  Shower Rod to Hang Baskets for Toiletries

As we all know, the tub and/or showers in trailers are tight and cramped. Having shampoo and body wash bottles rolling around at your feet only makes the experience worse. I found a really great idea  doityourselfrv.com.

They hung a spring loaded shower curtain rod, attached a few shower curtain hooks and hung some dollar store baskets.

I would hang a separate basket for each family member.

5.  Use a Command Hook for a towel holder


My favorite travel trailer organizing item –Command hooks!

I use them in several places. There isn’t a towel bar or ring by our bathroom sink.

I use a Command hook and it works great. Command hooks also work great to hang oven mitts or pot holders by the stove.

6.  Hang Baskets by Kids’ Beds


I also hung an inexpensive dollar store basket with command hooks at the end of the kid’s bunk beds. This has worked really well. They use them to keep books, glasses, lip balm etc.

7.  Add Cube Shelving to Closets

The closets in RVs can have a lot of wasted space and the bottom can easily become an untidy disaster (at least in ours).

The closet in the kids bunk area looks like this and we did something similar to this, I just didn’t stack them as high.

Putting the cube shelves is a great storage solution for shorts, jeans and even books.

I also added command hooks to the inside of the closet doors for hats to be hung up.

This picture is from the Traveling Delanos, check out their before closet picture here.

8.  Use Pocket Organizers on Inside of Cupboard Doors

Kelly from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking had a great idea to use a pocket organizer on the inside of the bathroom cabinet door. She actually has a tutorial to make one yourself.

This would also be great on the inside of a cupboard close to the door to hold things like a flashlight, sunscreen and bug spray.

9.  Use Cork Board Inside Cupboard Doors for Lists and Notes


A great way to stay organized and bits of paper off your counter top is to put a cork board on the inside of one of your cupboards like loveyourrv.com shows us.

It is a great place to store shopping and packing lists, recipes, phone numbers, etc.

10.  Buy a Bedside Caddy Organizer


Another storage idea I really love is the hanging bedside caddy from Richards Homewares.

This would be great for either side of the master bed.  It looks like it can hold all sorts of goodies.

11.  Install Drawers Under the Table

RV-adventuring.com shows us a great storage idea.  Install drawers under the table.

These drawers are great for all the little things that take up space and easily get misplaced.

12.  Store Paper Plates Under the Top Cupboard


I thought this was neat.

We don’t use a ton of paper plates but I do like to keep some on hand.  This keeps them clean and out of the way.

Many of these ideas would work great in your home as well as your travel trailer or 5thwheel. Being organized when

living (even for a weekend) in a small space will make camping a more enjoyable experience. Take a look around your

trailer, see which of these ideas would work best for you.

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