Round And Round Coffee, Coffee The Way It Should be

Round And Round Coffee is coming to a camp spot near you!

Ok, we all know the one thing that is near impossible to have while camping or caravanning is a fresh hot coffee, freshly ground and made just the way you love it.

Well the great, no the most fantastic news is you don’t have to put up with second-rate coffee anymore as Jess Davidson and Andy Hoffman has come up with a truly game changing idea and is bringing the key to morning happiness to camp spots around our country.

So let’s have a look at how Round And Round Coffee came about and get to know them a little better.

Round and Round Coffee are a mobile coffee business with a difference. They will be travelling Australia bringing amazing Melbourne coffee to the travellers campers and caravanners out there in our amazing country! Combining their passion for camping and coffee and years of hospitality experience, Round And Round Coffee will be starting with the east coast late December 2017, travelling in a 6m Toyota Coaster bus and towing a beautiful vintage look caravan.

The name comes from a classic Aussie rock song, “Streets of your town” by The Go-Betweens. It has always been a favourite of theirs whilst out on the road in their camper van. Jess thought their lyrics “Round and round, up and down, through the streets of your town” fit perfectly with what they want to do.  So Round And Round was born!

Being “Van-Life” travellers themselves, they became so frustrated with the quality (and cost) of coffee whilst on the road. After talks in forums and polls held on social media camper/caravan sites, they saw they weren’t the only ones, so have taken it upon themselves to bring great coffee to all areas of Australia and not just in the cities.

An important aspect of Round And Round Coffee is their own impact on the environment and are aware of the insane amount of waste that the coffee industry creates and are trying to reduce this as much as they can. This shows in them giving a 50 cent discount to all customers who supply their own cup and the great news is they will also be selling Frank Green re-usable coffee cups and all of our paper cups will be bio-degradable (including lids).  Bins will also be supplied so that they can dispose of the cups in the most environmentally safe way possible.

Round And Round Coffee will be stocking Kensington roasters -“Rumble Coffee” and buying milk local in different towns to support the suffering local dairy farmers. Their trip has no end date and they are first time business owners that are very excited and proud of this project.  Make sure you follow them on and their social media pages and say g’day and have a yarn.

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