PANDA 35 x 50 HD Monocular Review

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After spending hours of research and countless monoculars trying to find the best budget one out there we have all agreed that the Panda 35 x 50 is our choice and we know it will be yours.

At only $17.21 with free shipping around Australia it is an incredibly economical way to get SLR quality photos from your smartphone at a fraction of the price.  We love the versatility of it, and using it as a stand alone monocular to bird watch and other nature spotting proved to be invaluable.

Even though it has a low price point, the overall quality is that of an monocular of quadruple it’s price making it a pretty good bargain.

Bottom line, if you’re after a upgrade to your smart phone and don’t want to spend $100’s or $1000’s on a SLR then this is going to be a great investment.  It is small enough to keep in the glove box, comes with everything you need to use straight out of the box and is an absolute bargain.

You can purchase our winning monocular here

Some of it’s amazing features are

● Objective lens coated with FMC green film and eyepiece coated with blue film, 95 percent light transmittance, imaging clearly
● With mobile phone clip, convenient to install your mobile phone on, so that you can take photos
● Close focus distance is 1.5m
● With extra storage bag, easy to carry the monocular and well protect it from dust when not use
● Hand rope will protect the monocular from falling down
● Great for bird watching, traveling, climbing, beach, etc.
● Suitable for any smartphone

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