Our Top 10 Secret Camping Spots in NSW

Our Top 10 Secret Camping Spots in NSW

Want to know where the best camping spots in New South Wales are? Read on to find our top ten best picks and discover places you may not have even heard of before. Over the years we’ve camped at quite a number of spots and we’re sure you’ll enjoy our list.

We’ve have to agree with Outdoors CBR on Youtube with our list below and in fact we’re so fond of their list we’re including it down below. Some of these camp spots were overnight spontaneous adventures, planned weekends away or a planned adventure. This list below which we think you’ll love is exceptional.

Top 10 Secret Camping Spots in NSW

#10 Berlang Campground, Braidwood, NSW
#9 Dogmans Hut Campground, VIC
#8 Random Spot – Ingeegoodbee River, VIC
#7 Currowan Creek/Lyons Rd, NSW
#6 Dry Creek Campground, NSW
#5 Poplars Camping Area, VIC
#4 Random Spot, Nuniong Plains, VIC
#3 Lake Lyell, NSW
#2 Humes Crossing, Blowering Dam, NSW
#1 Random Spot, Deua, NSW

Taken a camping trip to any of these? Tell us your thoughts below. Perhaps you think another camping site should’ve taken the top spot, Share that as well.

Check out the video of the Top Ten Camping Spots in NSW by Outdoors CBR

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