Neurum Creek Bush Retreat and Campground


If you’re wanting to camping near Brisbane the Neurum Creek is the perfect camp spot for families and they are sure to love this place! It is a great place to getaway for the weekend only being about an hour from Brisbane. Neurum Creek Bush Retreat and Campground is well kept, with good amenities, you can experience camping with the family and do things at your own pace.

If your into bush camping and live in South East QLD then you have surely heard of Neurum Creek Bush Retreat.

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat gives you access to some of the most stunning camp spots in South East Queensland, and it borders Mt Mee state forest.

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat is less than 75 minutes travel from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast and 120 minutes from Toowoomba.

The Stanley River is ten minute away and the township of Woodford is a twelve minute drive away while Kilcoy is just a couple of minutes more.

Both these towns offer friendly service and advice, and are well able to cater for your needs be it food, refreshments, fuel, restaurants, etc. The site of the famous “Woodford Folk Festival” is only fifteen minutes away.

As you can see Neurum Creek Bush Retreat offers a lot and is very well located.

You are able to take your family dog with you to Neurum Creek Bush Retreat.

Camp Spots are easy to find, and have grassed area suitable for all types of camping.

There is a BMX track for the kids and a fantastic creek to swim in and relax

It was great to see so many kids having a blast and just enjoying the simpler things in life.

Toilets are very clean and the entire grounds are very well looked after.

My only issue is noise.  I feel that maybe the manager should do one final check of the grounds before they leave and let any people with loud music know to turn it down, it was a bit of a put off that at 10 pm people still had their music loud.

Overall this is a nice spot and is a treat for all in summer in particular.  If the owners took their own rules a little more serious this place would go from great to probably the best bush camp close to Brisbane

Address: 268 Rasmussen Rd, Neurum QLD 4514
Phone: 1300 733 901

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