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Name: Lost and Loving It facebook.com/lostandlovingit1

City and State you live: Everywhere but nowhere. We have been travelling for 2 years in Australia and overseas with our two kids!

Favourite Quote:Carpe Diem’ – Seize the Day

We are Joe, Noela, 9-year-old Rob and 6-year-old Abby formerly from Brisbane.

We really are just your average family; however, we choose to do one thing very differently – we travel indefinitely in Australia and overseas, which means every day with our kids is guaranteed a new adventure!

We realised that being in a house and settling for the 9-5 hectic lives we were living, just wasn’t making us happy. We were giving away too much of our valuable time on jobs, debts, and endless chores; which ultimately was disconnecting us from each other. We were also missing out on the best parts of our kids childhood!

So, instead we decided to take one bold step and launched ourselves into embracing adventures, home education, living more simply, re-connecting as a family and living with no regrets.

We document our family’s fun, travelling tips and experiences through our travel blog, “Lost and Loving It”, to inspire other families to know there is a choice on how you want to live.

If you could only re-live five minutes of the trip, which five minutes would it be?

The moments of excitement and pure happiness of embracing the unknown and freedom, when you first drive away from your house and hectic lives that last time.

The feeling of the open road, endless adventures, quality time with your family and true freedom is amazing! I’m happy to report though after 2 year on the road, it doesn’t only last the first 5 minutes and you continue to feel this way over and over again!

What has been your most favourite destination and why?

East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory is one of the most culturally rich areas of Australia and nothing like we have ever experienced before. We have loved exploring all the untouched, pristine and secluded beaches of the area, but even more so our time being welcomed in by a local Aboriginal (Yolngu) family.

It is here, our kids received the education of a lifetime; learning first-hand the language, traditions, art, history and culture of our Indigenous people.

We have fallen head over heels for East Arnhem Land, that we are now writing the first travel guide to the area so other travellers can explore. You can find out more East Arnhem Land information here or join
our new Facebook community.

What has been the scariest moment of your travels?

Being pick pocketed in Cusco, Peru goes down as our travellers’ low point.

We lost $500, in less than 10 seconds that it took for Joe to put Abby (aged 6) on his shoulders at a Peruvian festival.

I have to say though, I am so glad that we are seasoned and prepared family travellers. Within 1 hours we had the whole situation sorted with back-up money, Spanish police report done and back to the fun and adventure of travel!

What have you found (sights or activities) a bit off the beaten track? Beyond the tourist traps that made you go wow?

Off the beaten path is our very happy place so to be honest we have found quite a few! Other than all of East Arnhem Lands gem, our second favourite was a secret camp spot in Chillagoe, Qld.

A local was kind enough to show us a secret a free hidden camping ground that overlooked the entire town. In the evening we watched a Queensland outback sun setting through the Chillagoe sandstoner rock formations. But, by morning, the real beauty appeared. We were surrounded by ancient Aboriginal Rock Art, likely rarely seen by many.

What has been the funniest/strangest/most insightful bit of advice you been given on your travels?

On our first lap of Australia, a travelling gypsy told us about the 3-month theory of travel.  After meeting countless people on her 20-year-long adventure, she categorised people into just two groups. Those, that at 3 months of full-time travel, would last the distance, become increasing resilient, not let anything bother them and would continue travelling in their own happy world. Or, those that would just crack.

She surmised that the latter, were people that were too use to the “norm” and struggled daily with the opposition of living outside the box. They would bicker about pointless arguments, let everything wind
them up until finally at the 3-month mark, it would all come to a head and decision to return “home” would start!

Now, were not ones for a lot of focus pocus. But, in meeting people, I dare say that this crazy gypsy lady may have had a good point. Which one would you be?

Where would you revisit?

We are definitely going back to Arnhem Land, this area holds a special place in our hearts with its culture and untouched beauty. In 2019 we are going to re-lap Australia so I guess also, EVERYWHERE!
Where do you dream of visiting (anywhere in the world)?

We have just finished 6 months of touring South America and New Zealand. A like-minded traveller we met in the Amazon Jungle has planted a seed to take the kids to Africa! Apparently, the jungle safaris and the involvement in the schools can be fantastic for kids! So, all fingers are crossed, that will be our next see must see overseas destination.

What has surprised you about yourself?

Any reservation I had about travelling full time and this crazy lifestyle shift wouldn’t work or couldn’t be sustainable is gone. I was the main income provider, but I have just made things work. I found a job on the road, and convinced them I could travel and work too.

This has now given me such a power of control over my own family’s destiny. It’s one of the most important lessons you can ever teach your children.

What has been your weirdest moment while travelling?

Stumbling across New Norcia – a Spanish mission in middle of outback Western Australia. I can tell you what its is unquestionably the grandest pub I have ever seen!

What has been the most useful item you have brought?

The best quality shoes you can afford! We choose Keens as our families slip ons and they have hiked us the 17 kilometres to the most southern point of Tasmania, and all the way up to Cape York. Still the same pair. Buy the best quality hiking shoe and slip on you can afford and stop donating to the Thong Trees of Australia!

Article by Joe Dowling
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