Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park Review

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park is located just 6 km from Urbenville in Northern NSW and approximately 2.5 hours from Brisbane.

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park is heaven for offroaders and campers alike, with a great selection tracks ranging from easy to very challenging.  Of course the more “competent” 4wd you have the more tracks you can explore however there is still a lot of tracks for the standard 4wd’s to master.

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park supplies a map of all the tracks, with all of them marked out and graded for your convenience (but should be improved on).

Be warned if there has been rain around put the difficulty ratings of the tracks up a couple of notches as it definitely makes a difference.

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park also have a 4wd playground section, where you can spend the day playing in your 4wd learning your abilities and your 4wds capabilities.

There is great camping facilities and there is flushing toilets and hot showers for you to enjoy keeping your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

You can get access to the campground in a 2wd, however to get the most out of the park you would be best to take at least one 4wd. Activities include bush walking and mountain biking through the rainforest with creeks, waterfalls and lots of other spectacular scenery to see and also canoe on the lake.

For up to date pricing and booking visit their website here.

Robert and Rosemary Clark
Levuka 4WD Park 
Urbenville NSW 2475

Tel: (02) 6634-1338
email: levuka@netbay.com.au

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