Why You Need A Dew Lens Heater For Your Camera

This is why you need a dew lens heater.  One of the more annoying aspects of night sky, early morning and cold weather photography is dealing with dew. Particularly in moist climates on a cold night or morning, moisture in the air condenses onto the  front surface of your lens rather quickly. This can bring a photography session to a rapid end and can rule out long exposures or time lapse sequences.

A dew heater or Lens heater is a must and certainly a cheap way to improve your photography cheaply and very effectively especially while travelling.

I have been given the chance to test a Dew heater unit from Decolighting and I am amazed just how good it works.

For a dew heater to only cost about $20 is pretty amazing so I had pretty low expectations, but they were soon gone once i hooked it up to a power bank and had my lens warmed extremely quick and kept it dew free while out in the cold Brisbane morning.

The service from Decolighting is second to none and came in the mail oddly, quicker than sending a local envelope.   This is a must have for any avid photographer and I know for a fact I will be keeping one in my caravan for future trips.

The best thing about the heater is it’s versatility.  The power port is USB giving you a huge range of ways to power it. The quality is up there with any name brand giving me confidence that I will get the shot I want when I want it.   If that’s not enough it can be used for other equipment like telescopes and is compatible with nearly any DSLR lens on the market and can even keep your soup warm!


– Strip length: 300mm
– Strip width: 85mm
– Power Consumption: 5V  0.8A  4W
– Strip material: Neoprene and polyester
– Heater material: Carbon fiber heating coil
– USB cord length: 1.5m
– Velcro length: 10.5cm



1. Protects the lens of your digital camera or finder scope from freezing by chilling fog and dew, enabling the
devices to function properly at night when the temperature drops or places with bad weather.

2. Super fast and continuous warming with fast start up of 5 seconds to heat, and intelligently reach 50° the
maximum given the actual needs, while the average temperature stays at 30°.

3. Great idea for warming up water bottle, drink cup, feeding bottle or anything needs keep warm. Based on
the USB port design, it is very handy to use beause you can connect it either to your power bank or any other power source with a USB port .

4. Can be used as a special wrist/knee strap to protect them from the cold weather or emergency low temperature condition, which the warmth goes through your whole body from where you attach.

5. With adjustable diameter and easy adherence, this dew heater strip fits to most size of telescope, finder
scope, digital camera, bottle, cup, human wrist or knee. One heater strip to warm them all!


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