Lane Poole Reserve Camping WA

Lane Poole Reserve Camping Review

Just 100 kilometres from Perth, Lane Poole Reserve Camping and recreational areas covers nearly 55,000 hectares, ranging from the steeply forested valley slopes and rock-rimmed pools of the Murray River near the Darling Scarp to the more open, undulating jarrah and wandoo woodlands further east. Tall blackbutt, jarrah and marri forest shades the river valley, and on either side of the river gravel roads lead to recreation areas.

Popular camping spots include the site of the old jarrah mill at Nanga, burnt in the Dwellingup fires of 1961, and now sheltered by a grove of tall pines. See feature “A Town Like Nanga”.

Nearby Nanga Brook flows down a trout ladder and into the Murray River. The Murray is the largest river in the Darling Plateau undammed for water supply. The river forms rapids, small waterfalls and deep still pools along its course. In winter, it can be a raging torrent, and in summer, a limpid stream for swimming, canoeing, or fishing.

In spring, the forest fills with wildflowers and in autumn you can hear the calls of brilliant parrots and magpies echoing through the early morning mist along the valley floor.

Lane Poole Reserve was declared in 1984 to protect the conservation and recreation values of the northern jarrah forest and the Murray River – the longest permanent river in the jarrah forest. It was named after C.E. Lane Poole, the State’s first Conservator of Forests and a devoted conservationist.


Approximately 100 km south of Perth, just south of Dwellingup.

Travelling time:
2 hours from Perth

What to do:
Bushwalking, camping, swimming, canoeing and rafting, fishing, wildlife observation, picnicking, photography.

Camping and Recreation Areas:

Walk trails and Other Trails:

  • Bibbulmun Track (Dwellingup section)
  • Bridle Trails
  • Chuditch Walktrail
  • Island Pool Walktrail
  • King Jarrah Walk
  • Marrinup Tour (car and walking tour)
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Murray Valley Circuit
  • Nanga Heritage Circuit


Facilities include day-use and camping areas, toilets, barbecues and tables.