Landcruiser Mountain Park

Landcruiser Mountain Park

One of my all time favorite sayings is the Landrover discovered Australia, but the Landcruiser colonized it.   Welcome to the landcruisers play ground!

Landcruiser Mountain Park is only 2 hours from Brisbane and once there you will discover the cream of the crop of 4WD parks that Queensland has to offer.  The park is set on a “mere” 10000 acres and offers bush camping and 200 km of tracks as your playground!

There is no designated camp spots and you get to choose where you make camp, but you may choose to stay close to the amenities in the 4 main camping areas of Cowah Falls, Trakka Terrace, The Gums and Fig Tree ( Fig Tree is easily accessible to 2wd’s and motorhomes etc).

What could be better than having a campfire with you 4WD weapon next to you while having a beverage with you best mate, yes this is a dog friendly camp spot.

The natural beauty is a real highlight and there is some stunning natural sights to etch into you to do list such as the head waters of the Brisbane River, creeks and waterfalls.

As you would expect of a bush style camp the wildlife is amazing and will have your inner David Attenborough come out in no time.

The tracks are surely a highlight and they have tracks ranging from beginner to undie skidding!  There is a map provided and tracks are graded.

If you own a 4WD and want to give it a run, then your going to be hard pressed in beating Landcruiser Mountain Park for a adventure.


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FROM 30th September, 2016
Payment required on arrival. All prices include GST. Eftpos Available

  • 4WD and All Wheel Drive Vehicles
  • 2WD Vehicles

Price is for each vehicle that enters the Park

$60 per night per vehicle
$35 day trip per vehicle
5-7 nights stay $300

2WD: Camping $35 night per vehicle
Day Trip $25 day per vehicle

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