Kimba recreation reserve free camp becomes a towns cash cow


Free Camping is on the rise and smart towns such as Kimba is South Australia is smart enough to be taking advantage of it.  The adage, build it and they will come can’t be more true with the development of the free camp spot at Kimba’s recreation reserve which has grown in popularity in the past financial year.

With campers donating $11,000 for the year, well above the council’s forecast of $7000, the good news keeps coming with the campers bringing $1000’s to the small town as well, proving what us at Camp Spots have been pushing with councils that campers save towns.

Kimba District Council mayor Dean Johnson said having modern, free camping had a direct flow-on effect.

The area will get a new amenities block in the 2018-19 financial year with funding from the council and the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Community Benefit Program.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that the overall economic benefit to Kimba as a result of offering free camping facilities far outweighs the minimal forecast cost to council to maintain the new area once the project is complete,” Mr Johnson said.

“Those travelling in caravans and motorhomes are incredibly well connected and we know they share their experiences, good and bad, via social media and word of mouth – the feedback elected members and council staff are getting is that Kimba is quickly becoming known as a must-stay location on the Eyre Peninsula, based in part to the fantastic free camping facilities we offer.”

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