Great Otway National Park Camping

The Great Otway National Park is located in Southern Victoria, it covers rugged coastland, beaches and the mountains of Otway Ranges. There are magnificent waterfalls that dot the park which include the 3 cascades of Tripple Falls.

The 1848 light station pierces on the cliffs overlooking Bass Straight. There are Great Ocean walks through the park to the Tweleve Apostles rock formations.

Great Otway National Park and Otway Forest Park offers excellent camping opportunities whether you are looking for a family friendly place to park your caravan or a solitary night under the stars.

Schools and outdoor groups
School groups and outdoor groups planning to stay in Great Otway National Park should book their campsites online an then contact the park on 13 1963 to advise them of any further trip intentions.

 Aire Crossing  Quiet in remote location5Y
 Aire River East  Shady, small, no fireplaces20 Y
 Aire River West Large open area, fireplaces50YYY
 Allenvale Mill Site Walk-in (200m)16  Y
 Beauchamp Falls – Small area managed by DELWP call 136186 or visit
 Big Hill Track Seasonal12YYY
 Blanket Bay Sheltered sites near beach22YYY
 Cora Lyn Walk-in (800m)1
 Dando’s – Large area managed by DELWP call 136186 or visit
 Hammonds Close to walks12YYY
 Jamieson Remote – seasonal6
 Johanna Beach Nestled in sand dunes25YYYY
 Lake Elizabeth Riverbank close to lake15YYYY
 Parker Hill Small, on hill above inlet20Y
 Sharps Close to walks8Y
 Stevensons Falls – Large area managed by DELWP call 136186 or visit
 Wye River Near township11Y

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