Glenlyon Dam Camping

Glenlyon Dam Camping Review

Day 1

Glenlyon Dam Camping is a fantastic place to get some R&R, so we packed up the swan and hooked it up to make our way to Glenlyon Dam which for us is about 4 hours west of our home base. Whats there? No idea, we have never been, but this is what makes modern adventuring fun!

So we started out at about 7:30 am kids in toe – 2 and 3 years and we headed for the great unknown. Luckily the “are we there yet’s” only started about 2/3 of the way through our trip after we made a rest break.

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The weather for the day was showers to rain, but extremely heavy fog. This made for some interesting driving heading through some of the tighter roads when the trucks and B doubles where travelling in the opposite direction.

Scenery wise, it was no short of beautiful, with mountains to fields and everything in between, and the drive up the Gap was spectacular as we where above the clouds. The kids thought it was great that we where “above the clouds”.

The further we drove west, it was funny seeing the temperature constantly decreasing, so much so it was colder at lunch time when we arrived than 7:30 am when we left.

I’d highly recommend a GPS to find the dam, and I had no issues at all with directions using one. Glenlyon dam is pretty much situated half way between Stanthorpe and Texas, and rests pretty close to the QLD, NSW boarder. While traveling along the last part of the journey you actually weave across the boarder, which is pretty cool.

Oddly enough, but then again the typical for me the rain stopped as soon as I finished setting up the caravan and I was wet through, at least this time I didn’t break anything! We kept the kids in the car to keep them dry, and once set up we turned on the oil heater in the van to vent off the night chill.

Once set up dried off and kids sorted it was time to breakout a drink and light a fire – small fire pits and wood is supplied free of charge too. We got a powered site and the heater was taking the bite out of the cold. Well the good news was, the fire was lovely and warm, and the bed end insulation mod worked like a dream – wait and see my write up on it.

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So upon going to bed, it always gets to me just how silent things are when your away from the city, its almost strange. But on that note it is wonderful to just hear nature.

The kids started to wind down from city life – ipad and internet free! and the bush tv (campfire) was a hit, even though at times frustrating to keep the 2 year old boy away.

Day 2

Today we had a small drive to the dam wall and to the look out up the mountain in the other side, it made us laugh that half way up our phone got reception and our modern life’s caught up to us when endless notifications of facebooks messages, missed calls emails etc… quickly stress catches you.

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Up top was spectacular, and the heavy fog made it look kind of eerie. It is defiantly worth the short drive from the tourist park – even just for data coverage lol ! Good or bad news you decide, Telstra has very good reception, but no other networks.

We had a nice relaxing day, with a few drinks and some games with the kids which included tag your it and soccer…..playing together as a family was everyone’s highlight of the day. It’s times like this you have to question why we do what we do.

Things I learnt today, bring hose attachments, lucky us the owner of the park lent us one of theirs, and 2, close the freezer properly when you buy the kids ice creams!  The good thing about the park is the playground for the kids, it’s not huge but it is good. We played on it for over an hour, letting the kids burn out their energy.

Another night, another fire, this time bigger and better, you know it’s a man thing – lol.

Day 3

Today is down to be the coldest day, weather report is saying 1 degree, so not long after breakfast and a shower – amenity blocks were spotless and hot water is free, it was fire time.

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We went and got a boot full of wood, remember free ( if you leave it till the afternoon, the owner will cut the wood, clean your fire pit and drop off the wood ), to start the fire nice and early.

You could feel the cold rolling in like a tide, just dropping in temp slowly but constant from about lunch time onward. The fire was wonderful, and that night we pulled out the marshmallows to give the kids, and us a true camping experience.

They where right it was cold, and i’d say we dropped just below 0, but once again the bed mod did wonders, I can not recommend it enough, and along with the heater no one was cold.

Day 4

Well sadly it is home time, I think just a couple more days and we would be all fully adjusted to the country way. It’s kinda sad seeing the kids playing wonderfully together using their imaginations and us just sitting back enjoying each other company. What do you do, sadly go back home and back to work!

After packing up in a mere 3 degrees and the kids in the car not eager to go we hooked up the caravan and made our way back to Brisbane, overall it was a great trip at a great place, relaxing tranquil and away from everything just what a bush retreat should be.

Glenlyon Dam Rd, Mingoola QLD 4380

(02) 6737 5266

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