THE FUNNEST CAMPING GAMES FOR KIDS – The dreaded time has come that the kids are camping and their iPads go flat only to start the rant, “we are bored” that eats you down to the bone.  Our camping games for kids will help you save your sanity and might bring back some great childhood memories.

An outdoor adventure camping can be a fun way to spend time together as a family, but most kids get a little bored if you don’t provide some entertainment for them.  That’s why we’ve put together this fun list of camping games (and other outdoor games) to keep your kids busy and happy every day that you’re out enjoying nature.

Camping Games Kids Will Love

Make your own DIY cornhole game! I can’t tell you how much I loved this game as a kid. It will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours during your camping trip.

Flashlights are super fun on a camp out. Here’s a list of several flashlight games like flashlight hide and seek and flashlight freeze to keep your kids playing for hours.

Capture the Firefly

Catch giant fireflies with the flashlight firefly game. These giant fireflies are actually kids. The rules are simple. One or more children designated as fireflies each get their own flashlight. They flash the light on the flashlight once about every 30 seconds while the other children who aren’t fireflies try to capture them.

What pictures will your kids create when they draw pictures with their flashlights? This fun flashlight game requires a camera capable of a long shutter speed and flashlights for your light source.

Pictures can be simple, such as a smiley face. For more advanced flashlight gamers, get creative with flashlight drawings over objects like a couch, other people or the family pet.

Shadow Charades

If your kids know how to play charades, then they’re just about ready to play a game of shadow charades. It’s the concept of shadow charades meets shadow puppets. A parent can tell each player which shadow charade he will be acting out.

 When it’s his turn, he stands at a wall in the dark with a flashlight beamed at his hands. He tries to make shadow puppets on the wall that reflect the word he’s been given. Players make their guesses.

Catch the Light

Kids love to watch the flashlight dart around the room. In this game, their goal is to catch the light.

Letter Spotlight

This is a fun one for kids just learning their letters. Buy small foam letters and put them in the spotlight during your flashlight fun. Have the kids look at the wall as you hold up a foam letter in front of the flashlight. The foam letter’s shadow will magically appear on the wall. The first one to name the letter wins the point.

Flashlight Limbo

How low can you go with this flashlight game? Instead of limbo with a pole, play limbo with a flashlight. Lower the flashlight after each round, just like a limbo pole. If your body breaks the beam of the flashlight as you pass underneath, you’re out.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun flashlight game for older children or you can adapt the rules for younger children by making game play easier. Everyone needs a flashlight to play or players can be split into teams with each team leader given a flashlight. Hide items around the house or outdoors like a typical scavenger hunt and provide clues along the way.

Flashlight Dance Party

For even more flashlight fun after dark, throw a dance party. Parents know that sometimes the best kid-energy burner is to simply dance it off. Grab the flashlights and let the kids make their own disco ball as they have their own dance party. Crank up the tunes and watch the lights shine all around the room. Guaranteed to bring lots of giggles and exhaustion to your evening.

So it may be a little inconvenient to pack up, but kids and adults alike with have a blast playing with this Giant Jenga game.

Use wooden blocks to create giant Yahtzee dice for your campsite games.

Take a can of spray paint and a circle stencil to paint circles on the grass for Outdoor Twister. This magnetic spinner board is snazzy!

A DIY ring toss game is so easy to make! A wooden round, some dowels and rope rings wrapped in duct tape make for lots of fun on the cheap.

Frisbee Golf is an easy and fun game to set up. The laundry baskets are the holes, and you move from one to the next trying to throw the frisbee inside the basket. And because the baskets are lightweight and stack inside each other, you shouldn’t have a problem packing those along with your camping gear.

If the weather’s warm enough, bring along some water balloons for a water balloon toss. It’s a great way to cool down on a hot summer day!

Take the kids on a nature scavenger hunt to let them explore their environment. We love that little bags were provided for collecting the items. That makes it so much easier.

Use sticks, pine cones and rocks to play a game of Camping Tic Tac Toe.

Set up big bowls or pails for a bean bag toss. Doesn’t this remind you of the Bozo the Clown show?

String up some red Solo cups, and use water guns to “race” the cups across the line. Squirt gun races are a hoot!

Have a marshmallow war! Use plastic cups and balloons to create these fun marshmallow shooters, and divide into teams to blast each other.

Glow in the dark bowling will be a hit for sure. Just add some glow sticks to bottles of water, set them up like bowling pins and bring along a ball to knock ’em down.

Pantyhose bowling is another fun version. Put a ball in a pantyhose leg, tie it around your forehead, and try to knock down bottles of water by swinging it back and forth. Not only is it fun for the players, but it’s absolutely hilarious for everyone watching!



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