Adder Rock Camping At Straddie Qld

Fishing. Camping. 4WDriving – Adder Rock Camping Ground

This is the hard part, as sadly there is a part of me doesn’t want to say how great Adder Rock Camping is!  But you know what I love it as it is so quiet.

The bathrooms are great, the BBQ areas are fantastic, right next to the beach (or right on the beach if you like, there are pros and cons to both).

Great morning surfing for the surfers, enough out of the way but a few minutes in the car to lots of great restaurants, beautiful walks, beaches etc and of course, not far to walk to the pub (and the pub is great, must try the bug salad).

Oh did I forget to mention how lovely the people are when you call Straddie Camping?

I feel like I am heading home, the people are so nice, the surf is amazing, the food is incredible and you just cannot feel stressed being there, everything is so peaceful.

I think even the worst stress head would be a chilled out kitten on Straddie.

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