Best Fire Pits

Best Fire Pits

Fire pits are one of them things that truly have the ability to relax and open up conversation.  Have a look at out our best fire pits and get some great ideas for yours.

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With the only limit to a fire pit being your imagination have a look at what make these the best fire pits.

Rock on

Not a traditional looking fire pit, but this is what makes it amazing.

Fire, Water and Earth


Fire, water and Earth all rolled into one, to make an amazing central focal point that is sure to have you relaxed.


A unique and simple way to have a fire pit in a more modern design at home.

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Nature Blend

Basic fire pits can be made simply stunning with the correct seating and landscaping.

Amazing gas

Gas not only reliable but when done right can be an amazing visual and talking point.


Simple yet amazing, this is something you can retro fit to your existing table and makes an ideal intimate fire pit.

The Social

What an amazing idea for a social fire pit and dinner table all in one.  This will be the talk of all your friends.

The Sphere

A sphere shaped fire pit can be used to make breath taking designs that become work of art when lit up.  Your imagination is the only limitation.

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