Fraser Island camping

Exploring Fraser Island Camping, Fraser Island Fishing and 4X4

About to head off to Fraser Island or you’re not quite sure this place is for you? Fraser Island Camping is as good as it gets. Fraser Island is just off the Australian Coast and is the world’s largest sand island stretching over 120km. With many fresh water pools such as Lake Wabby and Lake McKenzie. This is the perfect place for just about anyone.

Fraser Island is a great place to go camping, Fishing, four wheel driving or just staying at resorts. Tropical wonderland that’s enjoyed by millions every year. Pricing for a barge to River Heads or Inskip Point can range from $105 to $350 return for a vehicle. You will also need a camping permit which costs $6.55 per person per night.

The video we’re going to feature below has been uploaded by Trip in a Van and features a seriously awesome view into what Fraser Island Camping, Fishing and Four wheel driving is like. They head over in a barge, Stay at Eurong Beach Resort then head off in swags to explore the island.

Fraser Island Camping and Fraser Island Fishing

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