If you are about to go camping with kids, we have everything you need to make this the most memorable family camping trip ever.


For weeks you have planned the perfect family camping trip.  You’ve pick the most amazing Camp Spot, got everything ready to be packed and start the dreaming of the holiday to get you through the 9-5 grind — but all of that could go to waste if you don’t prepare for the inevitable and dreaded announcement, “I’m bored!”


Check out our camping with kids section for amazing tips, games and much more.



Family Camping Guide and Checklist

We know it seems impossible to go camping with kids and somehow keep the entertained, but we are here to make camping easier and enjoyable for the whole family. It dose not matter if you’ve never been camping before – or at least not with kids – just the thought of getting ready for the

I Spy

For a relaxing time around the camp spot, keep kids busy with the classic I Spy game. Each player gives clues on the item they choose within eyesight, saying, for example, “I spy with my little eyes, something brown.” The one who guesses what it is wins.

Camping Olympics

If you have lots of kids or even just one that you want to wear out, set up Camping Olympics. Your Camping Olympics can be tailored to fit the ages of your campers and level of competition you desire (or don’t desire). Plan ahead so you have all the supplies needed and some camp-inspired prizes,

Camping Bingo

Camping Kids Bingo is a fun action game where the kids run around trying to find the find the various objects and place them on the printed out bingo card, or cross off the respected object with a pencil. Getting the kids out to enjoy nature is always a great thing, there is so much

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