Creative Camping Solutions Review

Creative Camping Solutions Review

Before you ever heard of Creative Camping Solutions you’ve probably had the same frustrations as everyone else when trying to find a spoon or a knife only to find that it had fallen out and found it’s way into one of the hidden crevasses.  If this sounds like your normal trip away have a good think about relieving the frustration with the simple but smart camp cutlery box from Creative Camping Solutions.  It is an easy and basic box to store and carry cutlery when out exploring.

What’s so special about it?   Nothing really it is just a simple plastic storage box with dividers in it to store your cutlery, but what it does do it does perfectly and simply.

Measuring 35 x 27 x 5 cm the box can accommodate knives to teaspoons, and I’ve even found myself storing small items like a torch.

Creative Camping Solutions storage box is Australian made so of  course it is made of a thick plastic that is sure to impress.

The box dose not come with any cutlery, however Creative Camping can sort that out for you too – To order click here

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