Travel In Style And Catpack Across Australia

Got a cat, love to travel?  Sick of your feline friend not coming on that outside adventure with you?  Then look no further the Cat Pack is your cats new form of transport!

There’s a new way cat owners are transporting their pets around, and it’s in the form of a backpack – but experts are warning that it’s not paw-fect for every animal, mind the pun!

The “Cat Pack”, which looks similar to a traditional backpack, has a built-in porthole for cats to peek out of, along with mesh that allows air to flow into the mobile carrier.

U-Pet, which sells the feline carrier for about $80, boasts the semi-sphere window design allows cats to “enjoy a more interesting and safe space” and “interact with the outside world”.

People are always a little startled in the supermarket when they hear the meow coming form the back pack and realise there’s a cat in there.

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