Campfire Bannock Bread Recipe

Fresh Bannock Bread on a camping trip is so satisfying and it is extremely versatile, especially after eating hard crackers, bagels or pitas for a week. For over a 1000 years, bannock, a simple bread made from the flour of a variety of grains, has filled the bellies of campers sitting around campfires. Its attraction […]

Camping With Food Allergies

Camping With Food Allergies Are you hesitant to go camping with food allergies? Don’t be. We all know kids are among those who can gain the most from nature—and children with food allergies are no exception.  You will enjoy the many entertaining and inexpensive benefits nature has to offer. Discover this food-allergy friendly activity for yourself! […]

Easy Camping Meals, That Are Amazing!

Easy Camping Meals, That Are Amazing! 1. Cowhorn Biscuits Bake them on sticks over the morning fire, then stuff with eggs. Technique here. 2. Campfire Breakfast Potatoes Don’t forget the jalapeño. Recipe here. 3. Canned Biscuit Campfire Doughnuts Since you’re punching holes into the biscuits, you can make doughnut holes, too. Recipe […]

19 Camping Breakfast Ideas Kids Will Love

19 Camping Breakfast Ideas Kids Will Love 1. Blueberry Breakfast Bake Essentially bread pudding cooked inside a foil packet, these could be a great way to repurpose leftover hotdog buns from your campfire the night before. Recipe here. 2. Campfire Breakfast Burgers This one is a little more involved, and requires two cast […]

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