Bibia Be Ye Ye

Bibia Be Ye Ye – Some fantastic scenery from Ghana, it’s a must do and check out some amazing spots to stay. Emancipation Beach Camp This is the sister beach camp to Maranatha and it has a similar feel. The rooms are basic but clean, the washing facilities are communal but this place is on […]

State By State Guide To Australia’s Not So Heard Of Attractions

State By State Guide To Australia’s Not So Heard Of Attractions – More and more Australians are rediscovering the joys of  just how much Australia has to offer and it is thanks to bouncing exchange rates, competitive domestic airfares, and a big promotional push by state and territory tourism bodies. “Why travel overseas,” asks Margy […]

Australia’s Best Off Road Trips

Australia’s Best Offroad Trips according to the National Geographic are an off roaders dream.  In Australia all you have to do is gather some mates, pack a car and set out. In addition to the wide, open paved roads, Australia has some of the best off road driving in the world. There are hundreds of […]

Camping Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Camping Tips, Tricks, Hacks, It seems like every time you talk to somebody that is “camping” they are actually really only renting a cabin for the week, or staying in a friend’s caravan. When you start to talk about good old tent camping the look of disgust is high and the blank look of…..I am […]

Kenilworth Camping Closed!

Kenilworth Camping Closed! Does the council really want Kenilworth Camping closed?  With costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time trading approval becomes a fully approved development for a simple campground, is there any wonder people put council applications on a back burner to simple survival. The drama that is unfolding at […]