Camper Trailer Storage ideas

Camper Trailer Storage ideas

These Camper Trailer Storage ideas will help make the most storage availble for you camping trailer.  If you have any ideas make sure you comment below.

Hang a shoe organiser

Keeping all those little bits and pieces you want on hand can be difficult but here a simple fix.  keep anything easily organised from salt and pepper to shoes all in one easy location.

Secure your fishing rods under the chassis

As great way to secure your fishing rods is to add a hinge and small door to the end of the chassis rail of your campers chassis and store your rods in there.  Or you can put them in PVC pipes around the trailer to keep them safe.

Removable shelf

There are many ways to create a non-permanent shelf on the out side of the trailer that will give you more valuable bench space and even drying racks.   Your imagination is the only limit.

Create more storage with your spare wheel carrier

There are many products and concepts on this, but they all offer a unique opportunity to gain extra storage in a place that is often over looked.

Make a covered storage area from a jerry-can holder

If your not utilizing your jerry cans, then why not use them for storage.  This idea is only limited by how handy you are and your imagination.

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