It is always the case mentioning Jayco is like mentioning you favor Ford over Holden or vice versa.  But i am sure no one can ever take away from Jayco their success in the caravan industry and you have to earn this.  Jayco to me has been the Holden and Ford of the caravannng industry, solid reliable and backed like a Toyota.

Starcaft range is and has been what sets the benchmark for the industry in this price range, all the manufactures will compare theirs to a Jayco, why?  They have been doing it for so long and have it down packed!.



Jayco has put a lot of effort into its ‘TL” range and it is easy to see why this will be another winner for them.  It is aprrox 5.6m long has a lovely looking cafe style dinette a good size kitchen, large ensuited island bed and at only $52k it has a lot of bang for your buck.

What has always been a huge draw card for buying a Jayco is their customer support and national wide dealer network, remember you will be traveling, things do go wrong and Jayco offers Toyota like backing across this great country.

The Starcraft is modern but yet stays true to the Starcraft range, it is of high quality which is indicative of Jayco’s experience, and inside is up to the same high standard.

Inside the island bed lifts up and has a big storage area under it, and the separate shower toilet makes the van that little bit extra comfy.  Inbuilt you will find a 3 kg washer that was an option on the tested van.

This van has been a pleasure to test and regrettable to give back. It gives you a great feel and is roomy modern and open inside.  I would look into the JTech upgrade if you plan on going off sealed roads.