Jayco J-Pod Review

Jayco J-Pod Review

Well this is one for the cards, what am I reviewing a caravan or a tent or a camper?  The Jayco J-Pod has crossed over all three markets and came up with their own interpretation. So why the Jayco J-Pod?  Read on and find out if it’s a flop or a winning J-Pod!

The overall idea is nothing new, tear drop campers have been around for a long time and have had a resurgence as of late.  But this is not a tear drop as such as it extends out with a tent, creating more room and more versatility.

Starting at just $16k the J-Pod is an ideal starter or a camper for a couple, it is affordable for a brand new

As would be expected there is not a lot to the J-Pod, this will be fine and as expected for a lot of people, but may also sadly deter people as it’s not what the Jone’s have!  At only a Tare weight of 485 kg and a ATM of 749 kg the J-Pod can pretty much be towed by most cars without an issue, making it a great choice for this alone.

There is nothing complicated about the J-Pod and in my opinion it should not be either, simple yet proven leaf springs keep the Pod suspended.  Once use to the set up like any new camper it becomes easy enough and takes about 20 minutes to be set up

It has a sewn-in floor and comes in 2 parts.  One is made to overhang the top hinge rear hatch which would be ideal for just a weekender.

As expected towing the Pod is easy and rarely do you sense it is there.

If you’re after a camper that quick and easy to tow, brand new, has the proven Jayco brand backing then this van should be seriously considered.