Big 4 Kingscliff Northstar

Big 4 Kingscliff Northstar Review

Well I think pretty much anyone that camps and has kids has heard of Big 4 Kingscliff Northstar Caravan Park at some point, and maybe lucky enough to have stayed too.

This Big 4 is one of the top rated caravan parks and to be honest you can see why.  It is well located, clean and has great amenities for young and old

The pool and cafe are the highlight and the kids just loved the pool area.  The pool is heated all year round and caters from toddlers to the big kids – me!  There is plenty to do within the park such as an indoor play center and seascape Leisure center for a bit of adult time.

What I loved was the relaxed vibe and the great location of the park.  Short drives are worth it and there is endless views along the coast line.

Like any Big 4 or Premium Park you do pay a bit extra but happy and worn out kids as we all know are good kids and Northstar Resort will do just that.

Would I go again, you bet I would.  I think other caravan parks have taken note and are catching this one, but it sure is a great place, and a park to compare others too.

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