Bigriggen Park, QLD

Bigriggen Park, QLD Review

The kids wanted a campfire and some bush camping so where better to go than a quick run down to Bigriggen.

Bigriggen is located just 90 minutes away from  Brisbane or the Gold Coast, making it a convenient weekender, or longer if you’re lucky enough to have the time.

The roads to Bigriggen are lined with great views, and the closer you get the further you feel away from the fast pace of the city.  Bigriggen is easy to find and even the kids didn’t mind he drive (lucky for me they slept some of the time).

Upon arrival we were welcomed by the friendly locals – some small wallaby’s and cows giving the kids the feel of the bush and made a great first impression.

The kiosk has the basics and the welcoming was warm and friendly, great first impression.

We setup up the caravan and made dinner with all of us looking forward to the bush TV to be lit.  Firewood can be bought from the kiosk and fire pits are supplied throughout the park.

As always the kids loved the fire and roasting marshmallows, and so did I, it always brings the kid out in me.

The park has a lot of wildlife and the stars were bright and vivid, making it a treat to lay and watch and relax with the kids.

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We went fishing in the river that is on the property but I only managed to catch 3 sticks, 2 rock and my thumb, I kept the thumb!

Overall we had a great time and have and will recommend Bigriggen to fellow campers, it’s ticks a lot of boxes.

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2 Replies to “Bigriggen Park, QLD”

  1. Hi Dave
    My partner Linda and I are caretakers at Bigriggen. Thank you for your great review. We look forward to seeing you and your family back at Bigriggen Park.

    1. Thanks Ray, it is a absolute tribute to you and Linda the place is great. The kids and I love it and like always look forward to staying again, hopefully in the near future.

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