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Best Wild Camping Blogs To Get Your Wild Started

Take a seat, grab a coffee and enjoy the Best Wild Camping Blogs, well our best.  Wild camping can be an exciting adventure, but it can be daunting and even dangerous of done wrong. Its draw is obvious, escape your busy home and work grind and become immersed in your natural surroundings. Spending a night in the outdoors can open a whole basket of unique experiences not found at the campsites in the suburbs. But as the sun sets and you curl up in your sleeping bag with a hot drink to hand, the thought of being so disconnected at first can be a little, well… scary.

Now when I spend nights out in the wild camping, I feel as comfortable as I do in my bed at home, but it wasn’t always that way. My first ventures into wild camping were fraught with mistakes, poor kit and the wrong attitude towards what should be a ‘fun’ experience.

”Anyone can rough it” a saying I heard a long time ago but one that has stuck with me. On my first trips out I thought a certain amount of suffering was just all part of the experience, and yeah anyone can rough it, but what’s the point?  Our best of wild camping blogs will show you the point, the beauty and everything inbetween.

Well sit back and have a look at some of our best wild camping blogs, these are our picks we would love for you to share yours.

Andy Explores

“Shelter is a fundamental part of human existence, and it is as varied as the humans who need it to survive.  At its most basic, accommodation is a simple shelter with a couple of barriers from the wind and something to keep the rain off, but at the other end of the spectrum we now live in a world where you can stay in a hotel with your very own bath butler (I’m not joking).

Deciding where to stay on your trip can be a big question, and can have an impact on the type of trip you end up having – there are pros and cons for each style of accommodation, and hopefully this blog post will help you to decide which one is best suited for you and your”……Read more here http://www.andyexplores.com/

What is Wild Camping

Flip Flop Wanderers

“Australia is huge and the best way to discover it all is definitely by road tripping. It gives you all the freedom you want, and you can see as much as possible. But where do you stay during a road trip? In our opinion, the best way is to go camping! But where can you camp, how do you find camping spots, and what do you need? What about all the dangerous animals that might visit you at night? Don’t let them scare you, as we will tell you all about the camping life in Australia in this blog!”  Read more……..https://www.flipflopwanderers.com/camping-australia/

Best Countries For Wild Camping

Kate Wild Camping

“In the morning I had mixed emotions about heading up Wetherlam. I have tried to be up there recently and the last time I cried all night. There is no ‘manual’ for grief and how we deal with it but in my heart, I knew that if I found my favourite pass time to difficult to do anymore my life would be empty. I was desperate to feel the love I used to have for sleeping under the stars and taking photo’s (and sharing these experiences with you lovely people!). I had asked Sarah to join me but sadly she was working. I felt having company would be better.

As I pulled up in the Coppermine’s valley my eyes scanned the hills and I tried to predict the weather. The forecast was ok. A stiff westerly wind blew straight through me, Autumn was in full swing now and I needed to remind myself how much I loved the elements.

I had Marc’s poles with me as I broke mine the previous week – it was a good excuse to use them! They were brand new after all. I slipped my hands through the wrist straps knowing that the last hands in their were Marc’s; My eyes filled with tears as I set off up the track” ……read more….https://katewildcamping.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/fun-with-a-fox/

Live Travel Kenya

“Safari camping, bush camping or wild camping feel like lacklustre terms to describe pitching your tent in the African wilderness.  There nothing in the world like spending a night in the African bush, listening to the roar or a lion, the harumph of an elephant, feeling the adrenaline course through you as something huge brushes past your tent and there is nothing between you and them but canvas.

In Kenya it is entirely possible to load your car with camping equipment and drive until you find a good spot and pitch your tent.  We have wild camped next to rivers and in fields and in deserts and had the most incredible wildlife experiences.  But on this trip we decided to safari camp in Ol Pejeta safari reserve in the hope (and slight fear) of some proper night time animal action.” Read more…..https://www.livetravelkenya.com/safari-camping-in-the-african-bush-at-ol-pejeta/

Wild Women On Top

“When Wild Women go camping, we really go camping. We don’t like the popular, touristy hotspots. We want to find secluded places full of natural beauty and tranquillity. And, of course, the campsite needs to be close to epic trails and adventures.

The Wild Women team are letting you in on our favourite places to camp in New South Wales that are off the beaten track. Book them in for your Christmas holidays, ASAP.

Euroka Campground 

Nestled in the Blue Mountains near Glenbrook, Euroka Campground is a great spot, close to some of the state’s most spectacular hikes and bushwalks. There’s plenty of space and the campsites are spread out, so you should be able to find a private spot to pitch your tent. This campsite is surrounded by glorious, towering gum trees in the Blue Mountains National Park. It does have fabulous fire pits, but make sure you bring your own wood!

Yagon Campground

If you’re a Wild Woman who loves the sound of the ocean, the sand between your toes, and going for a cheeky dip in the moonlight, Yagon Campground near Seal Rocks is a great option. Ignore its busy neighbour, Trechery – Yagon is more secluded, quieter and nestled in amongst the trees. It’s not far from Sydney and is just a walk away from practically deserted, pristine beaches. It’s the perfect blend of bush and coast and you’ll find stunning walks along the headland. It’s a great location for a long weekend getaway.

North Era Campground

North Era Campground is in Sydney’s Royal National Park on the Coast Track. The 26km hike from Bundeena to Otford is a favourite of ours, with the trail exploring the sparkling coastline, dense bushland, and secluded beaches. This campsite can only be accessed by foot, which is what makes it so special – it’s extremely quiet. Campers need to be self-sufficient, so you’ll have to bring your own water for drinking, washing, and cooking.

Late winter and early spring is a great time to explore the Royal National Park because it’s not too warm and you’ll still get the chance to catch glimpses of whales and dolphins on the horizon. Don’t forget to hike around to the glorious Figure 8 Pools!” Read more https://www.wildwomenontop.com/blog/best-beaten-track-camping-spots-new-south-wales

What is your best wild camping blogs? Do you have a blog to share, we would love to hear from you.

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