Adventure Time In The Lucky Country

This Is What Makes Us The Lucky Country

it is Adventure Time here is Australia and we all know Australia to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, yet there is so much remains unknown to the rest of the world. The Lucky country has no shortage of opulent beaches, sweeping deserts, dense forests, and endless valleys, but for travelers, so it is Adventure Time In The Lucky Country!

Australia gets more of a reputation for her kangaroos, poisonous animals, and vast areas of uninhabited outback as opposed to her stunning landscapes. Here are some of the best places to start your next journey.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is a perched lake on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia. The lake is located in the Great Sandy National Park. The lake is located 6.2 km southeast of Kingfisher Resort. It is 1,200 metres long and up to 930 metres wide.

Fraser Island is the largest sand dune in the world, and it is also home to one of the most opulent, pristine lakes in the world. This rare freshwater body is perched with unique, stand-out geological features, from the pure silica sand to the radiant blue color of the water. The views at Lake McKenzie are as tranquil as something out of a movie.Check out our guide to Fraser Here.

Adelaide Hills

Located in South Australia, this gorgeous wine region is a must-see if you love open hills and pretty trees. In fall and spring, Adelaide Hills is even more beautiful, quaint, and colorful that other times of the year, so plan your trip accordingly. Additionally, the German presence here will provide even more romantic imagery for your camera.

Margaret River

Margaret River is a small town south of Perth in western Australia, known for its craft breweries, boutiques and surrounding wineries. Beaches and surf breaks line the nearby coast, whose waters host migratory whales (Jun–Nov). Stretching between 2 lighthouses north and south of the town, the long-distance walk, the Cape to Cape Track, fringes the limestone caves and sea cliffs of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Margaret River is a surfer’s paradise for both the surfers as well as the spectators that come to watch. No where else will you catch huge waves in a pristine blue river, and when you’re done, explore caves or take a detour through famous wine country.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is a bay located at on the south coast of Western Australia, in the Cape Le Grand National Park.

Lucky Bay is just one part of Cape Le Grande National Park, but it’s all you’ll need to see to fall in love. The sun literally gleams off the white sand, making it a perfect spot to rest and swim. Even kangaroos sometimes come to chill out, and if you look closely, you may even see whales migrating in the distance.

Cape Le Grand National Park Western Australia

The Bungle Bungle Range

Adventure Time in the Bungle Bungle Range is the landform that is the major component of the Purnululu National Park in Western Australia

The Bungle Bungles are very interesting rock formations located in Western Australia. The rocks are rounded at the top, resembling something like a giant beehive. Though it’s not just the rocks that make this visual so strikingly beautiful–it’s the backdrop of the endless sky above and golden plains below.


Broome is a beach resort town in western Australia’s Kimberley region. Along its Indian Ocean coastline, the white sands of 22km-long Cable Beach offer a dramatic backdrop for sunset camel rides. At Gantheaume Point nearby, dinosaur tracks are revealed in the beach’s red rocks during low tide.

Broome is thriving with culture and diversity and is the perfect mix of everything you need to capture the right scene. Whether you choose to ride camels along the Cable Beach, capture a sunset, or see “The Kimberley,” you’ll be happy you came, and so will your scrapbook.

Kangaroo Valley

Just two hours from Sydney and Canberra, Kangaroo Valley is perfect for a nature escape.  Rich green pastures, sparkling creeks and rivers along with the lush rainforest, all guarded by magnificent escarpments welcome you. The variety of native flora and fauna, no traffic lights, a friendly community and a great range of outdoor activities.

For another scenic drive, come to Kangaroo Valley. Here, is just as much of a paradise for humans as it is for marsupials. While you’re waiting to catch a wallaby or two, you’ll be surrounded by what looks like a scene from a magical fairy tale.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a rugged region west of Sydney in Australia’s New South Wales. Known for dramatic scenery, it encompasses steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and villages dotted with guesthouses, galleries and gardens.

Located in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are something of a geographic wonder. Raised well above sea level with rugged cliffs and luscious gardens, many people travel to this area to get away from it all. The gorgeous landscape provides a peaceful oasis, and any photos you take here will be food for your Instagram.

Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is a remote headland and ecotourism destination in northeast Queensland, Australia. A coastal area within Daintree National Park, it offers a combination of rainforest and beaches.

The Daintree Rainforest and the Wet Tropics Heritage Area surrounds none other than Cape Tribulation. The scene of the cape looks like something right out of a photo shopped postcard, and you’ll discover that once you come here that the white sand and turquoise water is just too beautiful to put into words.

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