100 Man Cave Camping

100 Man Cave

This is a amazing place 100 Man Cave Camping will have you going back to your cave man heritage!  100 Man Cave is a large overhang that is positioned under the rim rock on the north/west side of Ti Willa Plateau which is just a short walk from Ti Willa Top NSW.

As the name would suggest, there is plenty of room for comfortable camping with no need for a tent.

Bad weather?  No problem! 100 Man Cave is fantastic protecting you from the elements. There is plenty of space to hang wet gear to dry and the fireplace is protected from the elements by the overhang.

Water is usually available from Ti Willa Creek, just below the overhang.

100 Man Cave has been used as a shelter for a long time. Grinding grooves in the cave show that it was used by Aboriginals long before it was discovered by modern bush walkers.