Peak Charles National Park Camping Area

January 25, 2017
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Peak Charles National Park Camping Area

Peak Charles National Park Camping Area is a nice quiet camping spot.  It has toilets and a rainwater tank.  Road in can be a bit rough so check condition before going in.

Satellite Navigation Coordinate: -32.881583, 121.171479
Location:  North Cascade
                  WA 6445
Website: Website
Campsite Fees Contact Details: Contact Parks and Wildlife 
Access: Dirt Road
Parking Area: Gravel
Elevation: 269.0 meters
Drive through sites: No
Power: No
Toilets: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible Toilets: Yes
Dump Point: No
Rubbish Bins: No
Showers: Solar Heated
Shade: Yes
Picnic tables: Yes
Fixed Fire places: No
Fixed BBQ’s: No
Short Walks: Yes
Fishing: No


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