We Pay You To Review

Want to be paid to review?  Do you love camping, why not blog your trip or review where you stayed, got a new camping toy? Review it here and be paid to do it.

Sign up and write a review below and once approved you will be paid – via Paypal!  Better the content the better the money.

Become a member today and write away!  This is the first pay to review camping site in the world, so spread the word.

You must be a member and signed in to be paid, remember content is king and copied content will result in a banned account.

The better the article is ie. more pictures and words the more you will be paid.

How it works.

  • Sign up to our website and make sure your signed in.
  • Have a valid Paypal account and valid Paypal email
  • Write article and submit it for approval
  • Once approved Payment will be sent to your Paypal account
  • Payments are calculated automatically by word counts and by picture quantity.

This only the beginning so spread the word.


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