Camp Spots – New Year New Adventures, What’s Yours?

January 3, 2017
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The new year is upon us and that gives us new beginnings and more importantly camping opportunities.  My resolution like many is to travel more stress less.  So with this is mind my maiden voyage for the year is only 10 days away (Rivershore Resort) and to say me and the kids are excited is an understatement.

This year brings a new start to get out more and enjoy the outdoors and teach my kids all about the camping lifestyle which i know will be with them for a lifetime.

I am currently doing up my original camper which is lighter and easier to tow, so I can just hook up and take off by myself and my best friend Hope (my dog), and maybe even the kids!!!

My plans are to explore within 2 hours of Brisbane and find the hidden gems, and I can’t wait to go to places with my kids such as farm stays.

So what are your plans this year, are you finally doing the big lap,the Cape?  Make sure you join our forum and share your travels.

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