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03/01/2017 11:56 pm  

I bought this camper before I had kids.  It was great for back then just the 2 of us, but once we had Sienna we straight away out grew it, and once William was born we had to take a tent as well camping.  It was put to the side and used less as it was hard to camp in it as a family.  Now I am back being a single Dad it is the perfect time to pull this old girl out of the cobwebs and restore it.  My kids love to help and it is so easy and light that it is perfect by yourself of for a quick over nighter with the kids.

It is home made and would have to have the thickest canvas i have ever seen.

I have added a 100L water bladder electric water pump and a small gell cell battery to it.   The roof is insulated and it isn't too bad in bad heat. 

It has both 240 and 12 volt electrical systems and weighs in at around 190 kg,



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06/01/2017 6:22 am  

Did a bit more work on the little camper today,  I think the silver has come out like chrome lol so might change it to white. 

Resealed the roof  and test fitted the tool box 

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