How lucky and amazing is it to know that there is over 100000 people traveling this great country of ours right now. Every year...

How lucky and amazing is it to know that there is over 100000 people traveling this great country of ours right now. Every year this number has been growing and the popularity of caravanning and exploring Australia is growing.

It is sad that so many of us keep putting the trip of a life time off and or wait till retirement to start living!  As we get older we get more into more debt and need as much stability as possible to make sure we can pay our bills, so living slowly gets pushed aside in favor of buying houses, cars and other material things.


I know all too well these struggles are real and it is not for everyone to quit sell or rent the family home, pull the kids out of school and then take off, but for the few that do it they never look back.

It is so satisfying to see so many families traveling and having the opportunities to explore, and when it was once thought only “old” people caravan it is now becoming to have a huge following young and old.


Travelling Australia costs as little to as much as you like, you chose the kind of lifestyle you want and go from there. Every day you don’t go is a day you won’t get back.

Once you have made a firm decision that travelling is what you want, it is then you can start to work backwards on your dream.  It may take 4,5,6 years or even longer, but at least you have a plan and a timeline of when your journey will start.


So once your locked in a date now the fun stuff can begin.  Grab yourself a map of Australia, mark some places off where you want to see.  Join our Facebook Group, chat to friends and family and get their recommendations, and just like that your dream is starting to become a plan.


If you do not have a caravan already this is when you can start to make the decision of what will suit you. Are a lot of the places that you want to see off road? or are they all on sealed roads? Do i need an off road caravan or not?

Think ahead, will i need a bigger caravan or will a light weight do, write down your wants and go from there.

Be as flexible as possible and try not to run exactly to a time limit, enjoy yourself, learn to relax.



Look at starting a travel blog so  your family and friends can follow you and you can look back on your great times.


Safe Travels