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December 13, 2016
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So, many many years ago my love of camping started pretty similar to everyone’s else, when your parents would take you on the traditional holiday camp.  This to us was normal, camping 4wdriving fishing was just a way of life.

When I got a bit older I realized just how much I enjoyed the camping and adventures that my Dad would take us on, and I learnt that my Dad was a super hero to me.


Adventure, camping, flying and life lessons where just part of what turned me into a devoted and passionate camper I am today.

I was lucky enough when I was about 8 (1987) to go on an adventure of a life time.  We took a month off and made our way to find a Japanese Zero aircraft that my Dad had received aerial pictures of.  Today they seem so blurry compared to the high def imagery of today but that’s all part of the adventure.

At the time my dad worked for a Brisbane based company that produced winches that was know by the name of Thomas Winches, he did car reviews for the company that featured their products and we where always lucky enough to go away with him so we could go on a “photo shoot” alot.

So below is an article he wrote and a bit of a tribute to my Dad, and how he gave me the love of all things outdoors.


One day I would love to try again, but this time with modern tech and give my kids the same life time memory that my Dad gave me.

Tell us how you got your camping passion and have you managed to pass it on.

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