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Camp Spots – Inskip Point

Camp Spots – Inskip Point

We just spent some time up at Inskip Point overlooking over Fraser Island.

It is byo everything and you have to put up with drop toilets lol and no showers.

Water available at Rainbow Beach and its free.

It’s $6.15 a day per person.


There is 5 camping grounds to choose from so room to move some need 4wd access, so be careful where you drive.

Pet friendly, but beware of snakes and pick up your mess bins provided near all exits. Some toilets look like they have been refurbished. Generators allowed just a 9 pm curfew preferred.

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  1. Not sure where you got your information from but Inskip Point, although not a national park, is administered by Queensland National Parks …… Q P WS…… so camping fees are the same as in all Qld National Parks, we have never paid an administration fee when booking into a Parks campsite ….. and yes we were on Fraser Island in a NP camping ground.

    • Profile photo of David

      Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. This is a members review. I just looked online and your 100% right, i also see no mention of the admin fee, so I will remove it now from the review.

      Thanks again



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