Booderee Camping The Secret Is Out

Campers have been trying to hide how good Booderee camping is for years, but the secret is now out – sorry everyone.

Booderee has so much to off and you can choose between the natural setting and discrete campsites at Green Patch – ideal for families and small groups – or the grassy area at Cave Beach, which is more suited to lightweight camping. Cave Beach is also a popular spot for surfers.

Do you have a big family or group?  Looking for facilities for a larger group? Bristol Point is suitable for large groups, particularly school groups of between 20 and 35 people.

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Green Patch

The natural setting and discrete campsites at Green Patch are ideal for families and small groups. Sites are either standard or large with a choice of drive-in or walk-in.

Bristol Point

Set among mature bushland, all campsites are walk-in and either standard or large and suitable for larger groups. Please note Bristol Point is not suitable for caravans or camper-trailers.

Cave Beach

This grassy camping area is set amongst coastal tea-trees and is ideal for lightweight camping. The camping area is 300 metres from the carpark and all equipment must be carried in.


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