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October 21, 2016
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It is getting hot, it is stunning it is QLD after all!  Well what better time while its not too hot to take either a day trip or a little longer R & R trip to the majestic Bribie Island.


It ticks all the boxes and whats best, it is close to Brisbane……But shhhhh don’t let the secret out.


There are many camp spots located around the Island but my favorite is the million dollar viewed ocean side.  It is a great drive along the beach to the camp spots.


The sand can get soft, but is suitable for light off roaders if driven according to the conditions.  Beach permits and fee’s are required and can be bought online HERE.


It is a great spot for families with spectacular beaches and great fishing.


The camp spots are designated which is great as once paid you are guaranteed a spot.


Like any beach driving, bring recovery gear and be very mindful of the tides as like any other beaches there has been disasters.


There are endless tracks to explore but i do recommend having a mate tag along just incase, as the sand can get extremely soft.


Bring mozzie spray and water, ice etc.

This is one of my favorite beach camping spots that is close to Brisbane.

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