Anna Creek Siding

January 17, 2017
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Anna Creek Siding

The remoteness of this location means bring plenty of water and fuel and make sure you tell someone your itinerary before leaving.  You can use the old buildings to set your tent up and also the chimneys for fires.


Satellite Navigation Coordinate: -28.824988,136.106282
Location:  Oodnadatta Track
                  William Creek
Access: Dry Weather Road Only
Parking Area: Gravel
Elevation: 111.6 meters
Drive through sites: Yes
Large Vans: Yes
Power: No
Toilets: No
Dump Point: No
Rubbish Bins: No
Drinking Water: No
Showers: No
Shade: No
Picnic tables: No
Fixed Fire places: No
Fixed BBQ’s: No
Pet Friendly: Yes
Short Walks: Yes
Fishing: No


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